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Computers for College

Our first fundraiser is a tshirt drive to assist in purchasing computers and other school related supplies for college students whose families have suffered financial hardship secondary to Covid Long Haulers. Check out our store!

Email teamcovidlonghaulers@gmail.com to request an application for the Computers for College dollars.

Dear Friends,

I’ve been a relatively healthy person my entire life.  I played baseball and football starting in little league and continued through high school.  Once I graduated high school, I was fortunate to play baseball at the collegiate level and eventually played for the University of Tennessee.  I was even drafted by the Anaheim Angels out of high school.  Later in life, I competed in triathlons and marathons.

But on December 29, 2020, everything changed. That evening I awoke with a fever and night sweats in my hotel room in Amarillo Texas. I was in Texas doing frontline crisis nursing, caring exclusively for Covid 19 patients. A few days later on January 5, 2021, I tested positive for the Coronavirus.  This was the start of my journey through illness and recovery from Covid 19.  I’m also a diagnosed Covid Long Hauler.

There is hope if you’re a Covid Long Hauler and continue to live with the after effects of the Coronavirus.  Studies show long-haul COVID-19 afflicts 1 in 4 COVID-19 patients, regardless of severity.  The Team Covid Long Haulers Foundation is here to help you and/or your friends and family members dealing with the day to day struggles of Long Covid.

Please learn about my story and how I’ve turned my illness into a commitment to help others. Covid 19 does not have to define you. You don’t have to be in this alone.  Become a part of the Team and live your best life yet!

Thank you for your support of any kind,

Travis Exum
Co Founder
Team Covid Long Haulers

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Team Covid Long Haulers partners with many local organizations to generate awareness and raise funds for our mission. 

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