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disABILITY Resource Center

"Bringing education and awareness regarding the long term effects of COVID "

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Through our collaboration and partnership with Team Long Haulers, the disABILITY Resource Center (dRC) will be hosting support groups, wellness walks, educational and advocacy training, along with other services, for individuals experiencing long term COVID 19 symptoms. dRC desires to bring education and awareness regarding the long term effects of COVID to the medical profession, individuals experiencing these symptoms and to the community as a whole. dRC will also educate and train individuals about their civil rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in response to employment discrimination and other discriminatory actions they have experienced due to their long term effects of COVID.

Our Statement

Bell Family Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Ryan Bell and his family in 2018. A Florida native and graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr. Bell decided, after a visit with Knoxville friends, to move to the area to start his career as a practicing chiropractor. As his slogan states, he wanted to bring “hope, healing and new life” in an affordable manner to all that walks through his door. Dr. Bell was first introduced to hyperbaric therapy by a patient. After extensive research on the therapy, he decided to make it more available to his new home town. After the pandemic, studies were showing patients who were suffering from Long Haul Covid symptoms were experiencing profound relief with HBOT. Lingering brain fog, fatigue, loss of sense of taste and smell among other symptoms were disappearing from patients who thought this was “just how it’s going to be” from now on after contracting Covid-19. Now, Dr. Bell and his team are working hard to spread the word about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the many benefits of it. When you come in for your visit, tell us Team Covid Long Haulers sent you!

Bell Family Chiropratic

"Hope, Healing, and New Life"